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The available connection capacity calculation app e-Gridmap shows the approximate available connection capacities in substations that can be used without increasing transmission lines’ service capacities. In addition, the app calculates the estimated costs of additional investments for accommodating the desired connection capacity at a given substation.

The results are set out when connecting to one substation and do not take into account a situation where connection capacity is desired simultaneously at different substations. In the 110 kV grid, the limit for calculations of connection capacity is 100 MvA; and in the 330 kV grid, it is 300 MvA. The calculations shown by e-Gridmap apply to cases where a new grid connection must be established for connecting to the grid.

The e-Gridmap data are updated once a quarter or more often, and the date of the last update can be seen in map view. For questions related to e-Gridmap, contact

For more detailed information, such as the amount of connection fee, the expected time for completion of the connection and other technical requirements, the prospective customer must submit a pre-feasibility study application to Elering via the connection information system,

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