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The price of electricity on the Estonian bidding area of the power exchange in December was 53.05 euros per megawatt-hour, which was 0.8 percent higher than in November.

Prices rose in December in most of the bidding areas on the Nordic power exchange Nord Pool, with Latvia, Lithuania and Denmark being the exceptions. The price was highest in Latvia and Lithuania, where it reached 53.62 euros per megawatt-hour. The price in Finland was 52.32 euros/MWh, and the Nord Pool system price was 51.56 euros/mWh.

The Estonian price varied from the Finnish price in the case of 74 hours – 10 percent of the hours in the previous month. The Estonian and Latvian prices varied from each other in the case of 50 hours.

Electricity streams between Finland and Estonia flowed in the direction of Estonia 85 per cent of the time in December, and 46 per cent of the capacity allocated to the market was used during the month. Capacity was in full use in 10 percent of the hours. In 11 per cent of the hours, power flowed from Estonia to Finland and there was no trading 4 per cent of the hours.

Between Estonia and Latvia on the other hand, electricity flowed toward Latvia 77 per cent of the time and 13 per cent of the time toward Estonia. There were no commercial transactions in the case 10 per cent of the hours.

Elering earned over 0.7 million euros in auction revenue from trading cross-border transmission capacities.

Futures transactions as of the last day of December indicate that the power exchange price in Estonia and Latvia could be around 60-61 euros in January and 63-64 euros in February.

The price of carbon emissions allowances, which affect the electricity generation cost price, rose in December and transaction prices ranged from 19.67 to 25.18 euros per tonne.

All data are provided according to Central European time (CET).

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