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In a public procurement, Elering has selected the builder of the Veskimetsa-Kopli and Veskimetsa-Volta high-voltage cable lines. The work will be performed by Leonhard Weiss OÜ, which submitted a 4.8-million-euro bid.

Three tenders were received in total, and the one from Leonhard Weiss was the lowest in cost.

After the completion of the buried cables between Veskimetsa and Kopli substations and between Veskimetsa and Volta substations, the winner of the contract will take down the old overhead lines connecting the substations, which will mean that the Veskimetsa and Mustjõe residential areas and the Merimetsa protected area will be free of overhead lines.

The preparations for the construction of the new buried cables will begin immediately and the cables must be ready and the old overhead lines dismantled by the end of 2020.

The length of the Veskimetsa-Kopli cable line is close to 4.1 kilometres and the length of the line between Veskimetsa-Volta is approximately 5.7 kilometres. The main method used to install the cables will be horizontal directional boring technology – this means that the installation will rely on the no-dig method. Each of the cable lines is three-phase and the cable for each phase will be installed in a separate plastic pipe running the entire length of the clearance. The cables will lie at a depth of at least 1.5 metres.

Thousands of square metres of vegetation will be restored in the course of the works and hundreds of trees will be planted, including maples, birches, lindens and rowans.

The replacement of these overhead lines is a part of a major project by Elering that will rid densely populated areas in the city of Tallinn of the ageing overhead transmission lines. The next step for Elering is to have the overhead lines from Veskimetsa substation to Kadaka and Harku substations and the Kadaka-Harku overhead line replaced, which will reduce the number of overhead lines in the Õismäe and Astangu district. Elering has recently launched a corresponding public procurement.

Earlier, Elering replaced the Veskimetsa-Endla, Veskimetsa-Järve and Järve-Endla overhead lines with buried cable. As a result, the Siili area of the Mustamäe district and the Vuti Street area in Kristiine became free of overhead lines.

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