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The Estonian-Finnish electricity connection EstLink 2 was available for 99.79 percent of all the hours in the year in 2021, which is on the highest reliability indicators of the interconnection in history. The earlier interconnection, EstLink 1, was available for 98.12 percent of all hours throughout the year, which means that its reliability was also close to its historical peak.

There were zero hours during the year when EstLink 1 was out of operation without prior planning. In the case of EstLink 2, unplanned interruptions only occurred in 17 hours of the year, i.e. 0.19 percent of the entire 8,760 hours of the year.

Nearly 6,800 gigawatt-hours of electricity was transmitted via the interconnections between Estonia and Finland. In this amount, 67 gigawatt-hours of electricity was transmitted from Estonia to Finland and the remaining 6,700 gigawatt-hours was transmitted from Finland to Estonia. This means that the interconnections transmitted cheaper electricity from the Nordics towards Estonia.

Throughout the year, the maximum transmission capacity of the EstLink interconnections was unused for 59 percent of all hours, which means that the actual trading volumes were lower than the transmission capacity of the connections.

The capacity of EstLink 1 is 350 megawatts and the interconnection has been in operation for some 15 years. The capacity of EstLink 2 is 650 megawatts and the interconnection has been in operation for nearly eight years.