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Conditions for endorsement of type B generating modules

Connection of the type B generating modules to be connected to the distribution network must be approved by Elering and for this purpose, the data required by legislation and the standardised terms and conditions for connecting to Elering’s electricity transmission system must be submitted to Elering and the functioning of the measurement and remote control signals to be transmitted in real time must be guaranteed.

In order to obtain the approval of Elering, the producer must email the following to during the period of construction of the generating module:

Before the synchronisation of the generating module, the producer must:

  • receive Elering’s approval of the design of the communication connection and the table of the measurement and remote control signals to be transmitted to the control centre;
  • create a communication connection with the control centre of the power system and test the transmission of the real time measurement and remote control signals with the TSO.

In order to open a communication connection, the producer must email the request for opening the communication connection to at least seven days before establishment of the requested communication connection after obtaining the approval for the communication connection design, and indicate the contact person of the producer in respect of data communication, the name of the site and the date when they would like the communication connection to be established. The TSO will forward the keys required for the establishment of the VPN tunnel to the producer within five working days. After the producer has configured its communication equipment, an appointment must be made with the TSO for testing the communication connection at least one working day in advance.

The producer and the power system control centre must test the measurement and remote control signals of the generating module operating in parallel with the system that are transmitted in real time.

The measurement and remote control signals to be sent out to the TSO in real time must function and be tested from the energy system control centre before synchronization of the generating module, and after synchronization along with the new generating module operating in parallel with the system within three months of synchronization.

The final operational notification will be issued for the generating module after the confirmation given by Elering to the distribution system operator about the absence of complaints from the TSO with regard to the functioning of the real-time measurement and remote-control signals transmitted to the electricity system control centre by the producer in real time.

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