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Elering`s operations are regulated by Electricity Market Act and Natural Gas Act. Elering was founded on 27th January 2010 when unbundling from Eesti Energia AS was executed. Gas transmission network was acquired by Elering in 2015. All Elering`s shares belong to the Republic of Estonia whose shareholder`s rights are being executed by Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.

To ensure the sustainable functioning of security of supply as a critical service, Elering maintains and develops both electricity and gas internal transmission networks and external connections. Elering manages the Estonian electricity and gas system in real time. Balance between production and consumption has to be ensured in electricity system and sufficient gas amount for supplying consumers in gas system.

To ensure long-term security of supply and energy security, Elering is working towards joining the Baltic States energy markets strongly with the rest of Europe. It means desynchronizing of Estonian electricity system from Unified Energy System of Russia and integration into European Union`s electricity system. In gas field the objective is to create regional gas market that will cover Finland and Baltic States.

Elering`s operations are based on principle of an open energy market being aware of responsibility for ensuring the functioning of the energy market and equal treatment of all energy market participants – producers, sellers, distribution networks and balance providers. Consumers must have a possibility and freedom to choose from whom to buy energy. Elering is working towards providing our producers with an unrestricted access to the neighbouring countries and broadly to European energy market and the producers of other countries with a possibility to sell energy to the Baltic market. Investments in cross-border interconnections that ensure movement of energy between neighbouring systems and markets without restrictions make up a significant part of Elering`s investment plan. Elering is supporting implementation of objectives of the European Energy Union.

Elering operates as the competence centre of energy field initiating the research and development projects and contributes its know-how in area of policy formulation. Elering recognizes the importance of widespread use of information and communication technologies in development of energy systems.

In its operations Elering takes into account expectations of interest groups and supports Estonian economy and competitiveness. Elering has based its operations in more than 200 highly qualified senior specialists. Holding the relationships with dedicated employees and image of an attractive employer in the eyes of young talents enables to cope with the crucial role of Elering.