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Connection to the grid and amendment of consumption and generation conditions in the power grid are governed by the Electricity Market Act and Government regulation no. 10 of 14 February 2019 enacted under subsection 42 (3) of the aforementioned act, “Grid Code on the functioning of the electricity system” which sets forth the procedure for calculation of the fee for connecting to the network by the network operator and for amendment of consumption and generation conditions. Subsection 73 (1) of the Electricity Market Act imposes on network operators an obligation to coordinate with the Competition Authority the methodology for calculating the connection fee specified in clauses 71 (1) 1) and 2) of the Electricity Market Act and the fee for amending the conditions (hereinafter Methodology).

In the Methodology, Elering specifies the expense components making up the connection fee, the price formation and the principles for paying the connection fee. The Methodology also provides a detailed description of the formation of the connection fee for simultaneous connections as well as in a situation where Elering at its own initiative, in performing a connection agreement, establishes electrical installations or equipment that are necessary for ensuring capacity desired by the customer, and sets out the principles for reduction of the connection fee.

The Methodology applicable to connection processes launched starting 1 July 2019 was approved by Competition Authority decision no. 7-10/2019-004 of 3 June 2019.

Elering AS liitumistasu ja muutmise tasu arvutamise metoodika  01.07.2019

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