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The owner of the land can apply for compensation for tolerating the following utility networks and engineering structures:

  • 330, 220, and 110 kV overhead lines (exceptions in the City of Narva), 110 kV underground cable lines and 35 kV overhead and underground cable lines (from Virtsu and Rõuste substations to the sea), and EstLink underground cable lines (from converter stations to the sea;
  • category D gas installations and structures.

Landowners can also apply for toleration fees for protection zones on their land even if the actual lines pass outside the limits of their property.

To receive the payment, the owner of an immovable property must submit an application to Elering regardless of whether the toleration obligation stems from legislation, a contract on use of the land has been concluded (agreement establishing personal right of use, agreement under the law of property, easement agreement, land agreement or other agreement on use of land), or compulsory possession has been established.

The person is entitled to receive a payment for the current year if the person has been the owner (or co-owner or joint owner) of the respective immovable as of 1 January of the same year and if the person files the application by 1 May. If there is a change of owner, the new owner of the immovable has the right to receive the payment after a new application is filed, proceeding from the terms established in legislation.

The payment is also paid out in subsequent years based on the application submitted, which means that it is not necessary to re-apply every year. In the case of a change of circumstances constituting the basis for payment (e.g., profit-yielding land within the protection zone of an engineering structure begins to be used for the designated purpose, the proportion of co-owner property changes, or there are changes in the details necessary for the payment to be disbursed – name, bank account, etc.), the owner is obliged to submit the new application with renewed data. 

For more, see the Law of Property Act implementing act.

For more information on toleration payments:

Good landowner!

Check with the toleration payment calculator whether the technical facility on your property is owned by Elering. You can also get information about the amount of the toleration payment from the calculator.

The deadline for applying for toleration payments for a utility network is 1 May.

A toleration payment application for the Elering technical facility: