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The customer can view an interactive map of Elering’s available connection capacities at, which presents approximate available connection capacities in substations, which does not require the enhancement of the transmission capacity of transmission lines. The available capacities are available for customers applying for a new consumption or generation-oriented connection to the grid.

When making investments, it is important to forecast the costs of the investment. Thus, it must be evaluated where and how the consumption or generation equipment is to be connected to the power grid. The technical conditions issued by Elering determine the technical solution for the connection, its estimated cost and the time required to construct the connection point. The technical conditions shall be issued for direct connections to Elering’s power grid.

To conduct the preliminary investigation, the customer must submit an application for a preliminary investigation through the Elering connections information system

Category of fee (VAT will be charged additionally)

processing fee €

Preliminary investigation and obtaining technical conditions       


Elering will conduct the preliminary investigation and issue technical conditions within 60 days of accepting the application. Less time is required in the case of a simpler solution.

It should be borne in mind that the technical solutions submitted later with a connection offer and the connection fee may vary from the results of the preliminary investigation if the initial state of the electricity system has changed due to the following circumstances:

  • new consumers or producers have been added or will be added to the network on the basis of connection agreements in either Estonia or an electricity system synchronized with Estonia and this has a material impact on the operation of the Estonian electricity system;
  • the requirements set forth in documents regulating the field of connections have changed;
  • existing power-generating modules have been closed in Estonia or in electricity system synchronized with Estonia, or the closure has been announced, and this has a material impact on the operation of the Estonian electricity system;
  • the power grid or its configuration in neighbouring systems has changed and it was not possible to foresee this in advance.