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Category B and C gas installations (if technical conditions permit) and category D gas installations (over 0.1 bar consumers) can connect to the transmission network.

For producer installations, only category D installations can connect (all producers whose connection points are established at over 16 bar pressure)

Connecting to the gas network is regulated by:


Submission of applications

To connect to the gas transmission network, an application must be emailed to

Application for preliminary investigation

Upon submission of an application for preliminary investigation, the customer shall be sent the technical conditions wthin 90 days of the acceptance of the application. The technical conditions give the client an overview of the volume of construction works necessary to ensure the network connection, the amount of network fee, the expected time needed to complete the connection, capacity of the transmission network and/or connection point, pertinent data on the situation of the transmission network gas system and other technical requirements.

These technical conditions are non-binding and were prepared in light of the connection contract offers made by Elering and connection contracts concluded by Elering at the time that the conditions were issued. Elering has the right to amend the technical conditions as well upon later processing of the connection or upon application for a new preliminary investigation.

Submission of application for preliminary investigation and obtaining technical conditions is free of charge for the customer.

Connection application

In the connection application, the customer must set out the required technical data for its gas installation and its consumption and/or production conditions. The customer must pay a processing fee in order to obtain a connection offer.

The connection offer shall be presented to the customer within 90 days of acceptance of the connection application, and the offer shall be in force for 180 days.


The material parts of the process of joining the Elering gas network are:



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