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A balance provider can be any entity who has signed a balance agreement with Elering to secure its own balance.

By signing a balance agreement the TSO undertakes to sell to the balance provider any amounts of gas that are missing in its balance area in a trading period, and to buy any excess gas from the balance provider.

The balance provider is responsible for the balance of the market participants in its open supply chain. It is the balance provider’s responsibility to ensure that the amounts of gas bought from or put into the grid by market participants in its balance area and the amounts of gas sold or taken out of the grid in the same trading period are in balance.

Elering’s standard terms and conditions of the balance agreement, as approved by the Competition Authority, are appended to the balance agreement.

The standard terms for the balance agreement define clearly:

  • the rules for balance planning, intra-day balance corrections, and imbalance settlement;
  • the rights and obligations of the TSO and the balance provider,
  • guarantees.

Estonian Competition Autority has approved Elering AS ja AS "Conexus Baltic Grid's" Common Regulations for the Natural Gas Balancing of Transmission System to be applied from 01.11.2022 in the common entry-exit zone of Latvia and Estonia with their decision 7-29/2022-001 (30.09.2022)

The new regulations and standard balancing agreement template could be found attached below.

To conclude the agreement with Elering, please send the application form* and the other required documents (specified in the regulations) to

In case you have any question, please contact