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Elering as an employer

In 2017, the average number of Elering employees was 218, of whom 74% were men and 26% women.
As an employer, Elering is characterised by low workforce turnover (4.7% in 2017) and high average experience (15 years at the end of 2017). This kind of employee retention is due not only to dedication to their profession, but also to the employer’s support for professional development, dedication, and a results-focused organisational culture, as well as a competitive remuneration system. The company’s strength is also evident in the range of age groups and experience levels in the workforce. The average age in the company at the end of 2017 was 44 years, but many recent graduates also work at Elering, with almost 30 per cent of employees being between 23 and 35 years old.

A clear sense of unity is created through joint events, from the yearly representative seminar and the annual celebration of Elering becoming an independent company to the forest clean-up and sport days. Continued growth and employee development are essential to ensure Elering’s ongoing success. We work closely with Estonian universities and offer students in-depth internships. Almost 80 per cent of Elering’s employees are university graduates, many of whom have a master’s degree and several who have or are working towards their doctorates. Elering provides flexible working arrangements and additional study days for graduates and students in the energy sector.


Management culture

In addition to the typical administrative structure, we manage policy and development projects through thematic workgroups with representative experts and specialists from the company’s different units. By engaging employees in strategic discussions, Elering encourages its people to innovate, both within their specialist areas as well as in the company as a whole. Many Elering employees participate in various international work groups and specialist forums to contribute actively in the European energy sector and its development, and to keep abreast of the best practices around the world.

The focus of Elering’s management culture is the personal development interviews between the manager and the employee, where one of the most important points is the employee’s personal development opportunities and the realisation of their individual goals. During the career of an Elering specialist, we have defined the expert’s career stages and the main competences for each career stage, from junior specialist to field expert. In order to support specialists with ambition and high development potential, we have created the Elering Academy Development Programme, which consists of various lectures, study trips, and engaging encounters to better understand the fundamentals of the Estonian energy system and discuss the vision of the future. In addition, this programme provides the opportunity for further development of personal communication and management skills.

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