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The mandate of Taavi Veskimägi, current CEO of Elering, will end on June 30, and from July 1, the renewed board will continue to work under the leadership of Kalle Kilk.

Kilk has been Elering's head of the asset management and board member since Elering's foundation. CFO Riina Käi will continue as a member of the board, and Erkki Sapp, the former head of Elering's energy markets department, will join the board. The mandate of the renewed board will last until December 2024.

Veskimägi, at the request of the Minister of Climate and the Elering’s supevisory board, continues to advise the company regarding the project of joining the Baltic states to the synchronous area of Continental Europe until the synchronization takes place.

Taavi Veskimägi assumed the position of Elering’s CEO at the end of 2009, having previously headed the committee dealing with the separation of the transmission grid from the state owned incumbent Eesti Energia.