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In July, electricity exchange prices increased in all Nord Pool price areas. The biggest rise was in the Finnish price area, where the stock price increased 49.5 % to 45.9 euros per megawatt-hour.

The smallest increase in the price of electricity was recorded in Latvia and Lithuania, where it increased by nearly 10 % to 48.9 EUR. In the Estonian price area, the stock price increased 12.6 % to 48.9 euros compared to the previous month. The monthly system price increased 25.7 % and the system price was 35.15 euros per megawatt-hour.

International energy flows between Estonia and Finland last month were only directed towards Estonia. The capacity made available to the market was utilized at three quarters during the month, and was fully utilized for 210 hours, or 28% of the time. There was no trade between countries for one hour.

91% of the time, energy flows between Estonia and Latvia were moving towards Latvia and half of the capacity provided to the market was used up. In the direction of Estonia, power flows moved for 19 hours and 0.2 % of power was utilized. There was no trade between the two countries for 49 hours.

In July, Elering earned a revenue of 1.5 million EUR from cross-border capacity distribution.

The carbon dioxide emission quotas, which influence the price of electricity production, are still rising, and fluctuated between 26.01 EUR and 29.81 EUR per tonne in July.

Based on the last trading day transactions of last month's trading on the Nasdaq OMX futures market, the August electricity price may reach 45.9 euros in Estonia, 48.25 in Finland and 52 euros in Latvia.



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