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Yesterday, on 2 November, the managers of the system operators of the Baltic Sea countries met in Helsinki with the purpose of discussing the energy crisis in Europe and the capacity of the system, above all in relation to the security of supply for the coming winter.

The system operators of the Baltic Sea countries are engaged in close-knit cooperation and exchange information about the condition of the security of supply of the region. If the system operators observe that the availability of electricity could be limited, cooperation will be undertaken with the objective of minimising any potential negative impacts for consumers. The joint expert group of the system operators is continuing to analyse the system capacity in order to identify any cross-border impacts.

According to the initial forecast for the coming winter published by the European Network of Transmission System Operators of Electricity (ENTSO-E), the risks have grown and the general secured supplies are lower than in previous winters, especially in January and February. In the Baltic Sea region, the risks for ensuring the security of supply of electricity in the case of winters with little snowfall are especially high in Southern Sweden, Southern Norway, and in Eastern Germany. In the case of low availability of nuclear power, risks will significantly increase in Southern Sweden and in Finland, where consumption is partially covered with imports from other regions.

The system operators of the Baltic Sea countries evaluate their risks similarly, and information and system services are mutually shared in order to alleviate the risks.

Regardless of the already decreased electricity consumption in the region, the system operators are calling for a continued decrease in the consumption of energy. In the opinion of the European Commission, the reduction of consumption is the best method for decreasing electricity prices and for avoiding the controlled limitation of the consumption of electricity.

The cooperation format of the system operators of the Baltic Sea includes the following parties: Elering, AST, Litgrid, Svenska kraftnät, Statnett, Energinet, Fingrid, PSE, and 50Hertz.