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On Tuesday, Elering energised a new high-voltage line section on Muhu Island, which separates the overhead power lines previously located on the same masts from one another and thereby improving the security of supply of Saaremaa and Hiiumaa.

Previously, Saaremaa and Hiiumaa received all their grid-based electricity from overhead power lines passing through Muhu, which were located on the same masts. Placing the lines on separate masts reduces the risk where the destruction of a single mast could bring about a total interruption in the electricity supply of Saaremaa and Hiiumaa.

The new line section begins in Oina village and runs to Linnuse village in the western part of Muhu Island. The line section, comprising 37 masts and 9.2 kilometres long, is situated approximately 15 metres from the existing line. 27 kilometres of wire with a cross-section of 242 square millimetres was needed for building the section.

The construction of the line section cost nearly 1.5 million euros, with AS Connecto Eesti performing the work. In order to implement the project, Elering entered into agreements on land use with approximately 60 owners of registered immovables on Muhu Island.

The recently energised line section is yet another milestone in the programme for improving the security of supply of Estonia’s major islands. Major pending projects currently include the ongoing reconstruction of Sikassaare substation at the edge of Kuressaare.

In the middle of this decade, it is estimated that Leisi-Sikassaare and Valjala-Sikassaare overhead power lines on Saaremaa will also be placed on separate masts. The power lines are currently located on joint masts to an extent of nearly 14 kilometres. Following these changes, all the overhead power lines of the transmission grid administered by Elering on Muhu Island and Saaremaa would be separated from each other, meaning that two independent supply chains would run from the mainland to Sikassaare substation.​​​​​​

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