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Today, a European conference on the security of European energy supply is taking place in Tallinn, drawing close to 1000 Participants and focusing on ensuring energy security for Europeans through effective regional cooperation while continuing to strive toward climate neutrality.

The discussion is led by the Estonian TSO, Elering, in its capacity as representative of the Baltics Regional Security Coordinator; and the network of European Transmission System Operators, ENTSO-E. The conference of coordinators of European operational security will deal with regional cooperation through the use of digital solutions or fulfilling the goals of the European Union’s Green Deal.

“The role of all European TSOs is to ensure security of supply for consumers in cooperation with regional operational security coordinators,” said the chairman of the Elering management board, Taavi Veskimägi. “Elering’s vision in this regard is to ensure security of supply in a climate-neutral manner, thereby simultaneously supporting the goals of EU and Estonian climate policy and economic competitiveness,” said Veskimägi, summing up the challenge for TSOs.

“As large-scale production of renewable energy from offshore locations will play a large role in ensuring security of supply for consumers, Elering sees an offshore network as the key that will enable us to fulfil our mission. But we need digital tools for that, and that is what we will be discussing at today’s conference,” added Veskimägi.

Security of supply and achievement of Green Deal goals will be discussed by, among others, European Commissioner for Energy Kadri Simson and Acting Head of the Energy Security and Safety Unit Rémi Mayet, representatives of European Regional Security Coordinators, TSOs, and regulators, ENTSO-E and many other stakeholders.

This year’s conference is taking place from Tallinn and is digitally organized. The proceedings, streamed from the Creative Hub, can be followed on the website:

The conference will be followed on 3 December by the Elering security of supply conference with a focus on Estonian consumers’ security, which will also be a digital web conference this year and can be streamed live on Elering’s website.


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