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Elering updates login methods to its e-services to provide secure authentication and a good user experience to service users. Due to this, the possibility to log in to Elering's e-services using bank links and the pin calculator will no longer be available.

Elering is changing the authentication services in its information systems as we wish to use higher-level authentication methods provided by the State Authentication Service (TARA) and approved in the regulation on electronic IDentification, Authentication and trust Services (eIDAS) in force in the European Union. The purpose of the eIDAS regulation is to simplify the use of international digital services, i.e. if the same requirements and principles apply to all service providers and public institutions, it is possible to ensure the comparability of trust services. With the change, we join a similar method of authentication as is used, for example, in the state portals, and

After the change, authentication with a bank link can no longer be used, but it is still possible to log in via ID-card, Smart-ID or Mobile-ID. Information and instructions on how to use the ID-card and Mobile-ID are available at the portal Private sector offers the Smart-ID service for personal identification, more detailed information on the service can be found at

The change has already been implemented in Elering's energy data portal, the renewable energy information system, and the biomethane register The authentication solution will then be changed in Elering's information system for the connection to the main grid, in the portal of landowners and contractors and in electricity and gas data warehouses and