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When it comes to building LNG reception capacity in Paldiski, Elering’s task has been to construct a gas pipeline connection from the gas compressor station to the connection point on the pier built for the floating terminal’s reception. The device connecting the connection point and the potential floating terminal is part of the floating terminal in the Estonian-Finnish agreement based on the connection request submitted by FSRU OY.

“Elering will complete the work in Paldiski on time, which means that starting from December, our gas infrastructure that is currently under construction will be ready to receive gas,” said Taavi Veskimägi, Chairman of the Board of Elering.

Elering’s owner required the creation of LNG reception capacity and in spring, the Estonian and Finnish ministries entered a cooperation agreement to find a solution to the security of gas supply together. Finland’s terminal operator FSRU OY submitted an application on the basis of this agreement to Elering this summer to connect the LNG floating terminal to Estonia’s gas system in Paldiski. Until 11 November, Finland’s terminal operator’s connection request was the only one submitted to Elering, and the entire technical design and construction in Paldiski was planned based on this.

According to the connection request, the connection point, completed by the end of November, will be between Elering’s gas infrastructure and the floating terminal’s connection device (Marine Loading Arm - MLA). According to the connection request, the connection device was part of the floating terminal. “We have repeatedly explained to the public what we are doing and to what extent,” said Veskimägi. “It can’t be a surprise to anybody just a few days before the gas connection is completed. In addition, we have regularly reported to the government and owner on the details of the connection project and the work progress.”

Elering would have nothing against another LNG floating terminal coming to Paldiski instead of Finland’s terminal. On 11 November, a company connected to Alexela and Infortar applied to connect their LNG floating terminal to the gas network. To process this request quickly, Elering must know the technical parameters of the floating terminal of the potential joiner as soon as possible. Elering asked the joiner to add the necessary technical data to their application by 18 November. So far, the joiner has not provided the data. “Once the data has been received, Elering can determine what work has to be done to rebuild the connection point for the new joiner, how long it will take and how much it will cost,” noted Veskimägi.

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