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This week, Elering energised the fully redeveloped Tartu-Valmiera high-voltage power line. It comprises one of the Estonian-Latvian electricity interconnections along with the Balti-Tartu high-voltage power line which was commissioned in the early spring of this year. This is an essential milestone for the synchronisation of the Estonian electricity system with the Continental European electricity system.

According to Taavi Veskimägi, Chairman of the Management Board of Elering, the redeveloped Estonian-Latvian electricity interconnection will significantly improve the security of supply of Estonia, including risk scenarios. “The interconnection will substantially reduce the risks for our electricity system in the case of an extraordinary separation of the Baltic States from the Russian electricity system. Thanks to the redeveloped interconnection, we will be much better prepared for the coming winter,” said Veskimägi.

Additionally, the completion of the redevelopment of the first and historical Estonian-Latvian interconnection allows for the commencement of the redevelopment of the second Estonian-Latvian interconnection dating back to the Soviet era. “Based on the new geopolitical situation, Elering has undertaken major efforts and has set the term for the redevelopment of the second Estonian-Latvian electricity interconnection to be significantly earlier than initially planned. We have already started the reconstruction work on this interconnection and instead of October 2025, the redeveloped interconnection will be commissioned by the end of 2024,” added Veskimägi.

Latvian colleagues also played a major role in the reconstruction of the interconnection by reconstructing the historical overhead power lines situated in Latvia in a timely manner. “I am glad to note that in cooperation with colleagues from Elering, the first Estonian-Latvian electricity interconnection was completed in a timely manner regardless of difficulties in supply and I am certain that the next essential part of the project – the redevelopment of the second historical Estonian-Latvian interconnection – will continue as planned, giving us the means to successfully synchronise the electricity systems of the Baltic States with the Continental European electricity system,” said Gunta Jēkabsone, Chairman of the Management Board of AST, the Latvian system operator.

In addition to reaching the halfway point with the reconstruction of the historical Estonian-Latvian interconnections, the construction of the synchronous condensers required for joining the frequency area of Continental Europe has also reached an important milestone. There will be a total of three such condensers in Estonia. Püssi synchronous condenser plant is already operational, the building that will house Kiisa synchronous compensator has been completed and the major pieces of equipment have been installed, and the construction of Viru plant has commenced. Work is currently being performed on a number of smaller objects and IT and control systems.

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