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Today, Lithuania carried out an isolated operation test of its electricity system during which it was isolated from the electricity systems of Russia, Belarus, and Latvia. The 10-hour test did not cause any malfunctions in the Estonian electricity system and the security of supply of electricity was ensured throughout the test.

According to Taavi Veskimägi, Chairman of the Management Board of Elering, it was previously known that the Lithuanian isolated operation test would not significantly affect the Estonian electricity system. “However, Elering took several precautionary measures in order to ensure the functional operation of the system and to minimise any and all potential risks. As of tonight, we can confirm that the security of supply of energy was ensured, and the situation in our electricity system remains normal as of the end of the test,” said Veskimägi.

The joint isolated operation test of all three Baltic States is planned to be conducted in 2025 at the latest, i.e. after all the investments have been made for the synchronisation with the electricity system of Continental Europe. The purpose of the joint isolated operation test is to verify the preparedness of all the new equipment – power lines, synchronous compensators, control devices, etc. – for synchronous operation within the frequency area of the Continental European electricity system.