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AS Augstsprieguma tīkls, Elering AS and Litgrid AB (the Baltic TSOs) have prepared the concept for the Baltic balancing capacity market, including the relevant methodology proposals according to the contents of the Electricity Balancing Regulation ((EU) 2017/2195 hereinafter EBGL).

Previously, the rules for allocating cross-zonal capacity for the exchange of balancing capacity or sharing of reserves (according to EBGL article 41(1)) and the rules for joint procurement of balancing capacity (according to EBGL articles 33(1) and 38(1) have been publicly consulted.

Additionally, EBGL article 34 establishes that a market participant shall have the right to the transfer obligations obtained from the balancing capacity market to other market participants. The same article also stipulates that TSOs commonly procuring balancing capacity can apply for an exemption to not allow transfer of obligations across bidding zone borders. For this, a relevant application for exemption must be submitted to the NRAs.

Accordingly, the Baltic TSOs shall put to public consultation the application for exemption according to EBGL 34(1). The market participants are asked to submit their feedback by the  16th of July 2023 (end of the day), by filling in the feedback form which has been provided below. The Baltic TSOs request the feedback to be submitted in English. The filled-in feedback form shall be sent to the following e-mail address:

Baltic TSOs proposal according to EBGL article 34(1)

Feedback form