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Activities for resuming the operation of Balticconnector have gone according to plan and work on the reconnection of the submarine and overland parts has been successfully finished in Estonia and Finland.

“The location where Balticconnector was damaged is situated about 60 metres deep in the bottom of the sea,” said Tiit Toomits, Marine Pipeline Maintenance Manager for Elering. “All repairs were performed via remotely controlled equipment and no divers were involved in the work. More than a dozen different organisations and companies were engaged in the repairs. While repairing such submarine infrastructure usually takes 1-2 years, Balticconnector was repaired in approximately seven months. Cooperation with our partners has been exceptionally efficient.”

The pipeline will now be filled with gas and the interconnection between Estonia and Finland will be prepared for transporting natural gas.

Balticconnector will be available to market participants from Monday, 22 April 2024.