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Elering will buy an emergency restoration system from the Canadian company ACIER PROFILE SBB INC., which makes it possible to quickly erect temporary pylons or line sections in the case of an emergency.

Elering selected the Canadian company as the supplier of the system as a result of a public procurement. The value of the procurement is €3.6 million. The system will make it possible to erect up to 10 kilometers of temporary line.

The modular system also makes it possible to prepare and erect high-voltage line anchors, angles, and supporting pylons in a matter of hours. The system can be used for overhead lines with different voltage classes and numbers of circuits. Temporary pylons can be erected by crane or helicopter or, depending on the conditions, by six workers, i.e. without the use of heavy machinery, for example on terrain that is difficult to access.

The modular pylon system can also be used to provide temporary line sections and bypasses during repairs and reconstruction of the high-voltage network when the power line cannot be switched off for long periods to ensure power supply.

Elering also has a reserve of standard pylons, but the erection of such pylons for the elimination of emergencies may take too long and may be hampered by transport and constraints relating to the complexity of erection. For example, erecting a regular pylon on swampy ground can be complicated and time-consuming, taking weeks and in certain cases being only possible when the ground is frozen.

The electricity transmission network of Elering consists of more than 5,000 kilometers of high-voltage lines and 156 substations.