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Elering launched a public consultation on Tuesday to gather market participants’ views on the further development of the electricity market.

The European electricity market is changing rapidly. The closure of power stations that use fossil fuels and the growth in production of renewable energy sources with variable production cycles places great pressure on the security of electricity supply.

“Elering believes that in order to ensure security of supply in such a situation, the electricity market must give very precise signals about what sort of production, consumption, storage, or other capabilities are needed in the electricity market. Today it is not clear whether the current structure of the electricity market is enough to cope with the challenges,” explained Chairman of the Elering Board, Taavi Veskimägi.

Elering invites electricity market participants to submit feedback on the vision of the electricity market as a whole and on the specific proposals and activities set out in the vision. Among other things, market participants have the opportunity to express their views on renewable energy subsidies, electricity trade with third countries, increasing price awareness and consumer spending management, but also on digitalisation.

Answers to the public consultation can be submitted until 12 January next year. Elering intends to publish responses to the public consultation in an anonymous form, together with its own comments.

Elering’s vision for the electricity market and the materials for the public consultation are available on the Elering website. Elering will introduce the question for the open consultation on Wednesday, 29 November, at the Electricity Market Council meeting.