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Elering has prepared the initiation of the construction of the connecting pipeline of the future Paldiski LNG terminal and can commence construction work in the near future after agreeing on the final details of construction with the private sector.

The design work for the construction of the connecting pipeline has been ongoing for several months. This work is being performed by Conx PM OÜ which belongs to the Alexela Group. The same company has prepared the project for the mooring quay. Design work has already been performed in the volume of several thousand man-hours. A total of 10,000 man-hours will be spent on the design work. Dozens of people are engaged in the work at the designer and its Australian subcontractor.

For several months, Elering has been engaged in mapping the possibilities for purchasing the technical equipment for the gas infrastructure required for constructing the connecting pipeline and entering into preliminary agreements for acquiring it. For example, 25-metre flexible connection lines need to be acquired for connecting the floating terminal with the gas infrastructure on the mooring quay.

Once Elering has agreed on the last details for constructing the connecting pipeline with the private sector, the first project will be the construction of the valve node required for connecting the future LNG terminal on the territory of Paldiski compressor station of Elering. Elering already has the majority of the equipment required for this purpose.

The second stage of the work will be constructing the overland part of the connecting pipeline from the compressor station to the sea. From there on, the pipeline will run on the bottom of the sea until the mooring quay. Elering already has the required 12-metre line sections for constructing the pipeline both overland and in the sea acquired in earlier times.

Complex work is also anticipated on the mooring quay of the future LNG terminal. Among other equipment, seven specially designed rapid-action stopcocks will be situated on the quay in order to ensure safety in the event of any accidents. Electricity and communications infrastructure and premises for automation equipment will be built on the quay.

Elering has formed a special project team for the construction of the connecting pipeline, mainly consisting of engineers with experience in the construction of Balticconnector.